You are offered a set of services to gain objective insight in your current situation and the gap compared to a desired situation or compared against an international recognized standard. With this information at hand, you can determine where it is most wise to focus on and invest in.

Given the gap is known, this information will allow to build the required awareness (why optimize) and desire (what is in it for them) to support the optimization efforts.

As reference models we can for example use CMMI, TPI, PMI, PRINCE2, COBIT or similar, depending the focus you want to give.

We do not only provide on-stage assessments, we can also perform off-line assessments. This means that you provide us your complete set of project documentation, or your complete set of processes, together with the supporting materials such as templates, checklists, guidelines, etc. Without further disturbing your team members, we will perform the assessment off-line. You will receive a structured report, highlighting the strenghts of your documentation, together with the improvement areas.

Together with your team members we can set up an internal assessment organization so that your teams themselves are able to continuously evaluate the way of working and possible improvement areas.


What others say about us...

“I can recommend Steven as a qualified professional on Process Engineering. Specially in the domain of Change Management and Testing. He is accurate, he has a pragmatic view, and is fully dedicated to his work.”

Dirk De Neve