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All too often senior managers do not know what to focus on during Project Board meetings. They know they have to take a decision in most of the cases, but what are their personal attention points. Are they clear on that?

PRINCE2 provides a number of key decision moments. Very often this takes place during a meeting - eventhough the largest part, if not all, off the discussion should have happened before the decision meeting. In training sessions you have certainly used name tags, so that the trainer knows who everybody is and these name tags make networking easier.

Name tags, well could show the name of each member of the project board (hopefully everybody knows the board, but you never now...). But the following name tags are special in that the back is not blank (as if almost always the case) but lists, for each type of board member, what their focus should be during the meeting. Although the Project Board takes decisions together, they have their own focus. The name tags help remembering them their attention points; they act as a quick reference card for this specific type of meeting.

For now I only posted the name tags for authorizing initiation. Later on I will develop and post name tags for authorizing the project, authorizing the next stage, and authorizing project closure.

Have a look and enjoy.
I welcome all feedback!

Authorize Initiation - Executive.

Authorize Initiation - Senior User.

Authorize Initiation - Senior Supplier.

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(on LinkedIn) Thanks Steven, That's brilliant. The next board I set are getting these, it'll help them keep their responsibilities in mind too.
Andrew Sutterby, Project Coordinator at University of the West of England


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“Steven is a real professional who performs well in difficult situations. He ran the Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) pretty well and managed to do a good job in project management under high commercial preasure.”

Lieven Baeyens