During the first steps of introducing the identified solutions for the identified optimizations, your team members need to build the ability for performing the new day-to-day business practices. You are offered a professional coaching service to support your team members.

That your team members have the required knowledge is one thing. Being able to execute this knowledge is never as straight forward as it seems. Coaching your team members is vital in any optimization effort. We can help your team members to make the new practices their normal way of living by not only showing them how to perform the activities, but also by helping them understand why this new way of working is required and how it helps them in getting more satisfaction from their job.

Coaching can be done on-premisses, but can also be provided through skype or similar collaboration tools.


What others say about us...

“Again a very practical and useful session. The trainer used his own experiences throughout the session.”

Anonymous - Day of the PM 2012 Kluwer - translated