For us, "consulting" means more than giving our opinion. We have hands-on experience in performing the activities in a whole range of areas such as project management, requirements management, configuration management, measurement and analysis, product and process quality assurance, testing, risk management, change management, process improvement, etc.

Maybe you can use additional resources for performing programme, project, or portfolio management activities?

Maybe you can use additional resources in one of your process improvement teams?

Maybe you can use additional resources for introducing your optimizations through change management?

We cannot only perform assessments and audits on processes, we can also propose solutions for optimizations, introduce them in your teams, and perform the activities itself.


What others say about us...

“I have worked together with Steven on several projects. His strength consists in connecting his extensive theoretical knowledge with a practical implementation. His stress resistance and customer oriented approach improve significantly the chances of success of every project. Steven does not only offer a solution, but he provides support and guidance until you see the solution yourself.”

Wim D'Hulster