Portfolio management ensures that the correct priority is given to your programmes and projects. Programmes and projects that do (no longer) support the strategy of your organization are stopped, new programmes and projects are started. The prioritization also takes into account the impact on your organization, ensuring that the business-as-usual continuous to work smoothly.

On 30 October 2012, Steven Deneir, owner of ProOptimize, succeeded the MoP® Pratitioner Exam and as such became Registered Practitioner in Portfolio Management.

Management of Portfolios provides guidance for companies with the definition and delivery of their portfolio of change initiatives. Key points are the continued alignment with the organization's strategy and objectives, and keeping the balance between changes and the business as usual activities.

Achieving the Practitioner qualification confirms that Steven has achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor the MoP guidance and to analyse portfolio data, documentation and roles in relation to a given situation. As a successful Practitioner candidate, Steven is able to advise on the implementation of appropriate practices and techniques, and apply the method to a live portfolio.

More information on MoP can be found at http://www.best-management-practice.com/Portfolio-Management-MoP

MoP is a Registered Trademark of the Cabinet Office.


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“Steven is one of the best trainers ever.”

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