In order to ensure your teams use the optimal processes given your business objectives, process management provides an answer to the following key questions:

So many processes, where to focus on? The key information source is the business strategy - where is your company or department heading for, and which processes are to be in place to support this strategy?

What are you expecting from those processes? Define policies that document the senior management expectations. This means that whatever happens in projects and programmes, senior management expects that these policies are applied, and that senior management monitors the implementation of these policies.

Are the process expectations being accomplished? It is important that you know to what level the processes support the business objectives. Evaluating and measuring the processes and analysing this information is a key success factor for process management.

Now we analysed the measures, all those possible improvements... Where to start? Prioritize, develop a strategy, and plan actions to improve the processes that have been identified as action points during the measurement and analysis

What information should your teams have access to besides the policies? Process documents, procedures, templates, guidelines, training materials, etc. How can these optimized processes best be deployed?


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“Steven is a Prince2 expert which I would recommend to anyone. He was able to bring over his expertise and ethousiasm for the Prince2 Project Management Methodology to all students. Although he gave a crash course on the subject he made effectively time to explain the different subjects using real life examples. With an audience of experienced project managers Steven was able to translate their work and methods towards the Prince2 standard. Great experience to be one of Steven's students.”

Marc Van de Velde