Where programme management focusses on the delivery of benefits, project management focusses on delivering capabilities for the programmes. Strong project management ensures the on time, within budget, required quality, and expected scope delivery by using

  • business case (related to the programme business case)
  • change and configuration management
  • communication management
  • project planning and control
  • risk and issue management

Ever checked the number of management products PRINCE2 shows...: 26.

Ever checked how many outputs the PMBOK lists...: 80!
I certainly have miscounted, so if you can correct me, please let me know the correct number... Note that PRINCE2 explains that a product is an output of the project. So Management Products and outputs here are considered synonyms!

As an organization we certainly do not want that every project, the expected content for these management products is reinvented or rediscussed. So we create (even better, reuse) templates for each of these management products. A great help for an organisation, what an invention! Templates...!!

Wrong, so wrong... Let me explain.

Last week, again the same remark I hear soooo often… “There are too many products we have to create according to PRINCE2®. It’s not agile at all. We don’t have time for all of that. We have to manage the project!”.

I do hear and understand this call of so many project managers. But why would PRINCE2® not be agile? Or their teacher did not well explain the concepts of PRINCE2®, or the students didn’t understand the teacher, or for those that didn’t had a teacher, they probably misinterpreted some concepts, or ...

Now, how can I convince project managers that PRINCE2® is agile?


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